Soul Connection Workshop   

Be Forever Healed

Live, In-Person Workshop

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards profound healing and self-discovery? Have you wondered if there is anything YOU could do to end your emotional pain and mental suffering? Do you want to wake up with enthusiasm for the day ahead. 

Then join us in this workshop and learn how to change from an unsatisfying past to a present and future that is deeply rooted in your heart’s desires, your true soul connection. 

During this full-day training, you’ll engage in empowering exercises such as:

          *Psychic Meditation                                *Trauma Release Tapping  

       *Channeling Your Soul                    *Innovative Energetic Goran Technique 

These protocols are carefully curated to help you break through persistent negative patterns, unravel deep-seated painful issues, and achieve complete healing at the core level.

Together we will explore the fascinating realm of psychic tools designed to facilitate your self-healing and soul connection.

Just one of these methods alone can bring incredible results! For example, the groundbreaking Energetic Goran Technique has had 3 successful pilot studies where all participants experienced major transformational changes and eliminated unsupportive ways of thinking and being. 

Imagine how wonderfully different your life will be when you have a soul connection that allows you to live the life of your dreams and opens you to newfound sense of enlightenment.  

By the end of the workshop, you’ll emerge with a profound sense of renewal, deep healing, and heightened alignment with your soul. You’ll become confident in your ability to intuitively know what is best for you. 


Date &Time: Feb 3rd, Saturday from 10AM to 5PM 

(You’ll have a 45 min lunch break and 15 min break to refresh and mingle with new friends)


Hi Desert Center for Spiritual Living

18575 Corwin Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307

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Graduate testimonials

Merit is incredibly intuitive, empowering, and determined. She guides you through your worst blocks; your most uncomfortable emotions like they were nothing. I have been on the spiritual path for most of my life and have done a lot of work on myself. The process with Merit deleted longstanding issues overnight. I wish I had met her sooner. My Chinese medicine work unblocks physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. These emotional and spiritual issues still need to be processed, which is when I refer my patients to Merit. It is much faster and more effective than traditional counseling! 

DR. LIA ANDREWS, Chinese Medicine Doctor

Challenging and worth it! You’ll be pushed to new heights and levels!

Hannah Bacaron, Two Times World Yoga Champion

Merit is one of the clearest intuitive I’ve ever worked with. She is accurate and her knowledge and wisdom far exceed her age. She has helped me clear some stubborn patterns that I could not release by myself. Thank you Merit for the healing work that you have done. I highly recommend Merit Mayati!

Dale Bach, Reiki Instructor

Using the tools in this class I can clearly see, listen, feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt.

Leona Rustin, Former Pastry Chef

Now I can tap into others energy and commune with their higher aspects to give them guidance to reach their highest and best self/ timeline.

Brian Putnam, Spiritual Healer

About the founder of The Mayati School for Ascension:

Rev. Dame Merit Mayati, is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and a certified Arnoux Goran Seminars instructor.

Merit is esteemed as a reliable, professional and intuitive by her clients in the corporate, and entertainment fields.

For over 15 years she has devoted thousands of hours and sessions working to open the eyes of her clients to their own spiritual abilities and power of transformation.

She is a spiritual life coach with an amazing ability to identify the beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages that stand between you and your desires.

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