Intuition Training Level 1

Activating Your Psychic Awareness Through

Psychospiritual Intuition

You are ready to live your most authentic life, that is what brought you here. Now you have found the first step to know intuitively what that means for you.

It is now time to learn to use your intuition to guide you on your true path, time to learn how to tap into it in a powerful way for lasting benefits to you and those around you.


The 13-Week INTUITION TRAINING LEVEL 1 – Psychospiritual Intuition course is the foundational platform for the exploration, development, and embodiment of your spiritual path and to access your own intuition to transform your life.

Personal Transformation

You will learn potent methods for reading an individual’s energy (including your own!),  removing any guesswork out of the intuitive process. A distinguishing feature of this course is how you will apply the proven 7 Steps of the Goran Technique to remove you blockages to accessing your intuition.  

Easily Become Intuitive

An overlooked step in most curriculums, is clearing the inner thoughts and emotions you have about using your intuitive abilities, things that block you from receiving the ready flow of information from the cosmos.  

 Once you have eliminated the ideas and beliefs that hinder your intuitive abilities, and replace them with empowering mental images and intentions, you will easily discover the deep well of knowledge that is available to you!

Psychospiritual Intuition

At the Bringers of Dawn Clairvoyant Institute, we combine personal self-development with activating psychic abilities, providing a true psychospiritual learning experience for our students.

When You Take INTUITION TRAINING LEVEL 1, you will…

Clear your blockages to Intuition

Begin creating the life you love

How to read energy

Have confidence and certainty using your Intuition

Handle stressful situations with greater

Create an Energetic Protective Shield

Create miracles

Gain clarity on your Life’s Path

Find Peace and Joy within yourself

Erase your unsupportive life patterns and negative subconscious programs

Make better decisions

Become better at everything you do

Learn to read Energy and Past Lives

Be able to use your intuitive skills to help others… without taking on their energy and feelings

This course will give you certainty in your intuitive abilities. You’ll never have to wonder if your are making something up in your mind, because YOU’LL KNOW you are clearly reading the energy. You will be trained to see and recognize the patterns and programming people have in their unconscious mind… and you’ll practice by removing any that you might have!

To really strengthen and build your intuitive powers, there will be weekly assignments, where you’ll be working with a clearing partner 1 to 2 hours a week. This will involve doing shadow work, energetic clearing, and energy readings.

Combining Intuition Training+Self Development

The Intuition Training Level 1 Course Overview

Phase 1 - Goran Technique

To prepare for your new connection with spirit and knowingness, you’ll need to first remove any unconscious mental blocks and emotional triggers that prevent you from fully using your innate intuitive power. Using The Goran Technique, you will clear anything inside of you that would block your intuition, allowing you to freely connect with spirit!

Phase 2 - Five Psychic Tools

This phase gives you the tools to create and implement a robust strategy for long-term spiritual growth, awareness and understanding.  With guidance from your instructor, you will learn and master the 5 Basic Psychic Tools and use them in your individual transformation.

Phase 3 – Awareness of Personal Patterns and Esoteric Insights

Now you will delve into the deeper aspects of Psychospiritual Intuition, including permanent psychic defense, energetic healing, reading past lives, genetic patterns in your DNA, locating the root cause for patterns, answering questions, and so much more!

    Class Schedule

  PHASE 1 

   The Goran Technique 3-Day Workshop

       Sept 15, 16, 17th – 10am to 7pm PST



   Weekly Intuitive Training

         Sept 19th to Dec 12th

      9AM to 12/12:30pm PST Tuesdays

Online - Zoom

The intimate zoom course will allow you to dive deeper into your intuitive abilities and psychic gifts. 

The sessions are recorded, so if you miss a day, you can listen to the recording.

Since we do exercises, I highly encourage attending the live sessions. 


1 Ticket to the 13 Week Intuitive Training 1 Training (Value $7,200)

1 tickets to the next scheduled Live Goran Technique Course (Value $9000)

(Plus kids 17 and under can attend for Free) 

Unlimited Q&A (Value $1500)

Goran Technique Manual (Value $50)

Clairvoyant Training Level 1 Manuals (Value $80) 

Facebook Community & Mighty Network Community (Value $500)


TOTAL VALUE: $18330 

Today ONLY $1999

When you were a kid, did you ever have a moment when you just “knew” something without knowing how you knew, without any one telling you? That’s Claircognizance.

Maybe you saw a picture in your mind, showing you something you couldn’t have possible known, even something that hadn’t happened yet? That’s Clairvoyance.

If you ever heard that “first thought” in your mind telling you something, like hearing a voice in your head, that’s Clairaudience.

Have you ever had a sense that something was wrong, or sensed the energy in a room… Clairsentience.

These Clair-abilities are already yours, to a limited degree. Now you can learn how to develop them into a powerful complement of your physical sense-abilities!

As a person, I have always known that I have intuitive gifts. Taking the classes at Bringers of Dawn really helped me feel more comfortable with my innate gifts and open up to the vast learning that is available to us, around the subject of intuition. I learned many new ways to channel my gifts and open up my inner sight with confidence and grace. This is a serious course with serious intentions, I use some of the things I have learned on a daily basis. And skills have helped me just become a better me.

Elizabeth Deraad

I highly recommend Merit because she is a great listener!! She has a unique ability to really listen and hear what I am saying…sometimes when I don’t even know what I am saying. After working with Merit I have cleared some life stoppers. She creates a space that is loving and allowing. I trust Merit. She uses all of her tools when counseling, coaching and healing. Her psychic abilities are the best I have experienced. I have just completed Merit’s Clairvoyant Level 1 class. She is such a great teacher and communicator I am enrolled in her Level II Clairvoyant class. After this class I feel empowered and powerful in my own life. I currently am enjoying a high quality life. 
Jo Anne Goodsell

I am now more honest with myself. My level of self-love has been kicked up a notch and I do things now for my highest & best, not to please others.  I am not as critical of myself and therefore am much less judgemental towards others as well…which is a blessing to all!  I no longer entertain the thought that I am helpless because I have had the experience that I am very powerful. Using the tools in this class I can clearly see, listen, feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt.

Leona Rustin

Merit is an incredible teacher and counselor! She is spiritually gifted and highly trained. She is masterful in using various techniques for permanent transformation or healing including both of the Goran Techniques which are evidence based processes that permanently erase or extinguish old emotions and thoughts from any previous trauma.

She can erase triggers permanently! She is also incredible at creating a safe space and has many years of experience guiding people to their self healing including some of the most damaged people you’ll find on the planet. My brother Jonathan was SEVERELY traumatized by our parents and one of our brother’s who constantly bullied him. He lived in a panic attack for years. He was diagnosed with PTSD, affective disorder, depression and a whole host of other issues. No counselor could help him. The specialist his university sent him to cried the entire first session as Jonathan shared about his upbringing.

In 2013 I brought him from the Seattle area to California where I was so I could take care of him. He was completely non-functioning. He couldn’t even work a part time job. All he could do was come to my courses with me and help as a roadie setting up. He was a total mess.

He told me, “Merit was the first person who didn’t get triggered by me sharing about my life. She just said, ‘that’s fascinating, tell me more!'” Naturally he continued to work with Merit as he attended my courses and got his life back.

In February of 2019 my brother announced to my seminar that he had not had a panic attack in 4 years… Merit played a large role in that. She has MANY such testimonials. She has worked with teens who couldn’t get out of bed or leave their room and they turned into functional adults who enrolled themselves in college and got a driver’s license.

She has turned around suicidal people. She is also an amazing teacher! Her courses are fantastic and her students take them over and over again and tell me they really transformed their lives. Merit is a true gift to humanity, dedicated to creating peace and healing world wide. I obviously recommend her! Check out this video to see that I’m not even remotely exaggerating.

Arnoux Goran

Merit is an awesome teacher! This course really boosted my confidence and overall energy. I no longer fear the term “psychic” or the abilities associated with it. This class exceeded my expectations!

M.S., Software Engineer

Merit helped me realize with her psychic course that my angels, spirit guides and source have been talking to me my whole life. Her technique helped me remove all energy in my space that wasn’t mine allowing me to know what was me and what wasn’t. Now I can tap into others energy and commune with their higher aspects to give them guidance to reach their highest and best self/ timeline.

Brian Putnam

About the instructor:

Rev. Dame Merit Mayati, is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and a certified Arnoux Goran Seminars instructor. Merit is esteemed as a reliable, professional,  intuitive by her clients in the corporate, and entertainment fields.

For over 15 years she has devoted thousands of hours and sessions working to open the eyes of her clients to their own spiritual abilities and power of transformation.

She is a spiritual life coach with an amazing ability to identify the beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages that stand between you and your desires.

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