Clairvoyant Training Level 2

Advanced Program – Mastering Psychic Energies 

The Level 2 Advanced Program is a continuation to the Level 1 course. In Level 1 we have mastered the foundational tools. In Level 2, we will go deeper in looking at the human psyche, as well as healing our patterns and programmings at a deeper level as we master psychic energies. Completing Level 2, students will feel capable of going out and practicing as a clairvoyant reader or psychic on their own. Learn how to unmatch from entities and negative situations permanently.

What you will learn

Healing with Healing Guides

 Learn how to heal yourself and others with your healing guide. Learn other techniques of healing. 

Erase Karmic Soul and Ancestral Trauma

We’ll use Goran Technique 2 to erase past lives, ancestrals and current life traumas. We will explore ways to find these blockages in ourselves and others

Master Chakra Readings

Learn to read your chakra with accuracy and ease. 

In level 2, we will be focused on healing without using our own energies. We’ll learn to heal others without feeling drained. Some of the topics we will cover will be:


Akashic Records


Remote Viewing


Medical Intuition


Future Readings


Healing Guides


Erasing Destructive Energies From The Planet

Level 2 consists of 12 weeks of 3 -3.5 hour interactive classes each week. In addition to the class, you will be meeting with your practice buddy once a week. Please put aside 1-2 hours outside of class to meet with your partner. Meeting with your partner will speed up the deprogramming process so you can live your soul purpose.

The path to embodying your true spirit starts with clearing out emotional wounds.”

– Merit Mayati

Clairvoyant Training Level 2

Super Boost Your Intuition

My programs stand out amongst other intuitive development courses because we emphasis self-development. The more you clear your negative emotions and unconscious limiting patterns and beliefs, the clearer your intuition becomes.

Level 2 is a continuation of Level 1, with a focus on clearing out your own soul and ancestral karma. Continuing to work with a buddy weekly will quickly propel you to peel off layers to reveal the true you. Upon completion of Level 2, you’ll gained certainty, and confidence that you can read for yourself and others.

Several students who have attended my courses, have taken this course thinking they only wanted to work on healing themselves. After mastering this life changing course, they were surprised to see that they can do psychic readings, spiritual counseling and healings professionally. You may wake up your spiritual gifts, and unlock your true potential. 

Psychic Karma Clearing Workshops: 3 Saturdays 

Learn the Goran Technique 2 on how to clear negative spiritual patterns and karma easily.

Aug 17, 2024 (Childhood Trauma)

Aug 24, 2024 (Ancestral Trama)

Aug 31, 2024  (Psychic Blockages & Past Lives)

7AM to 3PM PST


Clairvoyant Weekly Courses 

Sept 14 – Dec 7, 2024 

(no classes on Sept 7, Oct 19 & Nov 30)

   9AM to 12:00-1PM PST

Every Saturday.

What Others Are Saying

Challenging and worth it! You’ll be pushed to new heights and levels!

Hannah Bacaron

World Yoga Champion

I now have the confidence to read others!

Ariena Kanashima

Human Resources Executive

Using the tools in this class I can clearly see, listen, feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt.

Leona Rustin

Retired Pastry Chef

Taking the classes at Bringers of Dawn really helped me feel more comfortable with my innate gifts.

Elizabeth Deraad

Yoga Instructor & Goran Technique Pracitioner

It has been an incredible journey working with Merit for the last few years. If you had told one year ago that my whole reality would change and that I would get to live a life beyond my dreams! The old me had no idea it was even possible to live such an abundant life! My spirit has become much stronger and my clairvoyant skills have grown tremendously. I have no words to express my gratitude to Merit.

Christelle Reigner

Yoga Studio Owner

Merit helped me realize with her psychic course that my angels, spirit guides and source have been talking to me my whole life. Her grounding technique helped me remove all energy in my space that wasn’t mine allowing me to know what was me and what wasn’t. Now I can tap into others energy and commune with their higher aspects to give them guidance to reach their highest and best self/ timeline. This information is priceless as we enter further into the 5th Dimension. 

Brian D’Innocenti

Spiritual Healer

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