Intuitive Therapy 3

Unlock Your Destiny, Transform Your Reality

Are you ready to take your psychic abilities to the next level? Welcome to Intuitive Therapy 3 Psychic Mastery – the culmination of your journey towards profound intuition, healing, and the ability to transform yourself and others. 

In Level 1, you learned the fundamental psychic tools, mastering control over your own energies and reprogram your subconscious mind and emotional body. In Level 2, you delved deeper, clearing patterns from the soul, ancestry, and past lives, honing your ability to read and interpret energies with precision.

Level 3 Psychic Mastery offers an advanced path to self-realization and manifestation, guiding you towards profound insights and empowerment. By honing your intuitive abilities, healing emotional wounds using Emotional Repolorization Technique and Grief Recovery Work, and aligning with your soul’s purpose, you’ll transcend limitations, express your unique gifts, and create a life of fulfillment and abundance.

What you will learn

Medical Intuition & Finding Root Causes

Medical Intuition is the ability to perceive subtle energies and identify underlying causes of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Mastery of 4 Transformational Tools

In Level 1, we introduce the Goran Technique, followed by the Karma Release Empowerment Technique in Level 2. In Level 3, participants delve into the Emotional Repolarization Technique and Grief Recovery Work. Utilizing these four powerful tools, individuals can release past burdens and limitations, unlocking their innate gifts and talents. This liberation enables them to embrace their path of service fully, manifesting their unique contributions to the world with clarity and purpose.

Healing With A Healing Guide

Unlock the profound potential of healing with a dedicated guide by your side. Discover and connect with your personal healing guide to transcend reliance on your own energies, learning to channel their wisdom and energy for transformative healing experiences.

In Level 3, our focus shifts to uncovering root causes across mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms, harnessing the guidance of a healing companion, mastering future readings, and transmuting karma into transformative gifts of service. Additionally, participants will explore life purpose readings, gaining clarity on their unique path forward.


Grief Recovery


Detoxing Emotions From Organs/Body


Medical Intuition


Future Readings


Healing With A Healing Guide


Transmute Karma & Live Your Purpose

Level 3 consists of 2 full days, a 1/2 day and 8 weeks of 3 -3.5 hour interactive classes each week. In addition to the class, you will be meeting with your practice buddy once a week. Please put aside 1-2 hours outside of class to meet with your partner. Meeting with your partner will speed up the deprogramming process so you can live your soul purpose.

The path to embodying your true spirit starts with clearing out emotional wounds.”

– Merit Solarah Aureong

Intuitive Therapy 3

Emotional Repolorization Technique (ERT)

Experience the transformative power of Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT), a brilliant and effective method for uncovering and clearing blockages associated with negative or traumatic emotional responses in the body. We delve deep into the layers of emotional and psychological trauma, firmly believing in the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and heart. By addressing emotional stressors at their core, ERT facilitates holistic healing on a mind-body-soul level, paving the way for ultimate recovery, health, and happiness.

With ERT, we unlock the potential to release and heal emotional components of illness and imbalance, restoring balance and vitality to the whole body. Our compassionate approach delves into emotional layers, addressing deeply rooted traumas that may stem from past experiences, including prenatal and pre-birth stages. Through ERT, we empower individuals to overcome fears, anger, addictions, and more, facilitating emotional and psychological energy and balance.

Intuitive Therapy 3

Grief Recovery Work  

Experience the transformative journey of healing with The Grief Recovery Work. Grief, the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss, manifests in various forms, from reduced concentration to disrupted sleeping patterns. With over 43 losses considered under the umbrella of grief, including death, divorce, and pet loss, each individual experiences grief uniquely, without distinct stages or universal reactions.

The Grief Recovery Work offers a compassionate and effective approach to navigating the complexities of grief, empowering individuals to address unresolved emotions and find new meaning in life. Recovery from loss involves a series of small, correct choices, leading to feeling better, finding new meaning for living, and being able to enjoy fond memories without pain. By acquiring the necessary skills to deal with loss directly, individuals embark on a journey of healing, guided by attention, open-mindedness, willingness, and courage.

Intuitive Therapy 2

Two Special Guest Teachers 

Level 3 features two guest speakers who bring ancient wisdom and profound insights to light. Our first guest speaker runs an institute who are the most traditional Akashic readers in India, masters of palm leaf reading, renowned for their remarkably accurate readings. The palm leaf readings offering profound insights into our past, present, and future. Additionally, they possess the unique ability to conduct fire ceremonies, allowing us to burn away karmic burdens and pave the way for transformative healing.

Our second guest speaker will delve into the fascinating world of numerology, revealing how your birth name holds the key to unlocking your karma, talents, and life purpose. Discover how subtle adjustments to your name can optimize your life experience, offering a pathway to fulfillment and success on your journey through life. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain ancient wisdom and practical insights that can empower you to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

 Emotional Repolorization Technique: 2 Saturdays 

Learn how remove negative emotions from the body.

Aug 17, 2024 

Aug 24, 2024

7AM to 3PM PST


Clairvoyant Weekly Courses 

Aug 31 – Nov 9, 2024 

(no class on Sept 7 & Oct 5)

   9AM to 12:00-1PM PST

Every Saturday.

What Others Are Saying

I now have the confidence to read others!

Ariena Kanashima

Human Resources Executive

Using the tools in this class I can clearly see, listen, feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt.

Leona Rustin

Retired Pastry Chef

It has been an incredible journey working with Merit for the last few years. If you had told one year ago that my whole reality would change and that I would get to live a life beyond my dreams! The old me had no idea it was even possible to live such an abundant life! My spirit has become much stronger and my clairvoyant skills have grown tremendously. I have no words to express my gratitude to Merit.

Christelle Reigner

Yoga Studio Owner

Merit helped me realize with her psychic course that my angels, spirit guides and source have been talking to me my whole life. Her grounding technique helped me remove all energy in my space that wasn’t mine allowing me to know what was me and what wasn’t. Now I can tap into others energy and commune with their higher aspects to give them guidance to reach their highest and best self/ timeline. This information is priceless as we enter further into the 5th Dimension. 

Brian D’Innocenti

Spiritual Healer

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