Intuitive Therapy 2

Finding, Reading, and Clearing Patterns

Welcome to Intuitive Therapy 2, the next exhilarating chapter in your journey of self-discovery and mastery. Building upon the solid foundation of Level 1, Level 2 is your passport to delving even deeper into the mysteries of the human psyche and unlocking the secrets of profound healing.

In Level 1, you mastered the fundamental tools; now, Level 2 beckons you to explore the depths of your psychic abilities like never before. As you navigate the intricate landscapes of the mind, you’ll unearth and transform ingrained patterns and programming with newfound precision and insight.

By the culmination of Level 2, you’ll emerge with a heightened sense of empowerment, equipped not only to navigate as a confident clairvoyant reader or independent psychic, but also to infuse intuition into your counseling, therapy, or coaching practices with confidence and expertise. Armed with invaluable knowledge, you’ll become unmatched from negative situations and entities, ensuring enduring transformation and liberation as you effortlessly steer clear of their influence. Are you ready to unlock your full potential and embrace the journey of a lifetime in Intuitive Therapy 2?

What you will learn

Finding, Reading & Clearing Patterns

Learn to identify, read, and clear patterns that may be holding you back from living your fullest potential. Learn to read patterns for others too. 

How to Set Up A Reading

Discover the secrets to reading and coaching with precision and vitality. Our course empowers you to harness your intuitive abilities without feeling drained or depleted. Join us and unlock the path to accurate, effortless guidance.

Karma Release Empowerment

We’ll use Goran Technique 2 to erase past lives, ancestrals and current life traumas. We will explore ways to find these blockages in ourselves and others

In level 2, we will be focused how to interpret energies, find patterns in our spaces and others, and release past lives, ancestral patterns and trauma from this lifetime:


Ancestral Patterns


Past Lives


How to interpret any energies


Inner Child Reading


Karmic Relationships


Healing Intentions Energetically

Level 2 consists of 2 full days and 8 weeks of 3 -3.5 hour interactive classes each week. In addition to the class, you will be meeting with your practice buddy once a week. Please put aside 1-2 hours outside of class to meet with your partner. Meeting with your partner will speed up the deprogramming process so you can live your soul purpose.

The path to embodying your true spirit starts with clearing out emotional wounds.”

– Merit Solarah Aureong

Intuitive Therapy 2

Karma Release

Empowerment Technique

Introducing a revolutionary technique unlike any other – one that delves deep into our emotions when traditional methods fall short. Our approach transcends the ordinary, guiding you from a place of victimhood to triumphant creator, empowering you to reclaim control over your life.

At the heart of our methodology lies Karma Release Empowerment Technique – a transformative process that liberates you from ingrained programming, pent-up emotions, and lingering energies within your psyche. By disentangling you from the collective consciousness, it offers a profound sense of liberation akin to navigating the Akashic Records themselves, enabling you to glean invaluable wisdom long buried beneath ancestral imprints.

Drawing upon insights from groundbreaking works like “It Didn’t Start with You” and corroborating studies on inherited patterns, we embark on a journey to unearth and untangle the threads of our ancestral legacies. Through meticulous exploration, we confront and heal the traumas of this lifetime, liberating space once occupied by unresolved issues that incessantly replay like a stubborn melody stuck in the mind.

Just as a song finds resolution when experienced in its entirety, our process ensures complete immersion from start to finish, facilitating true closure and paving the path towards ascension. As we harmonize with higher frequencies, we transcend limitations, embracing a newfound sense of wholeness and empowerment.

Unlock the full spectrum of your potential and ascend to greater heights with our unparalleled approach to holistic transformation.

Intuitive Therapy 2

Super Boost Your Ability to Read  

Our programs distinguish themselves from other intuitive development courses by placing a strong emphasis on self-development. We believe that the clearer you become of negative emotions and unconscious limiting patterns and beliefs, the sharper your intuition grows.

Level 2 serves as a natural progression from Level 1, focusing on the deep clearance of soul and ancestral karma. Through consistent weekly buddy work, you’ll swiftly shed layers to reveal your authentic self. By the end of Level 2, you’ll gain unwavering certainty and confidence in your ability to conduct readings for yourself and others.

Many students initially join our courses with the intention of solely working on their personal healing journey. Yet, upon mastering our transformative curriculum, they’re astonished to discover newfound abilities in psychic readings, spiritual counseling, and professional healing practices. Prepare to awaken dormant spiritual gifts and unlock your true potential.

Intuitive Therapy 2

Two Special Guest Teachers 

I’m delighted to share that we’ve secured two exceptional guest speakers to elevate level 2. Our first speaker will delve into the essence of authentic yoga, uncovering its roots as the oldest and most traditional practice in the world. Discover how embracing yoga can not only enhance your physical well-being but also elevate your spiritual abilities to new heights.

Additionally, we’re honored to welcome my esteemed ascension teacher, who will offer invaluable guidance on navigating these transformative times. Learn essential tools and techniques to navigate the complexities of today’s world with grace and resilience, empowering you to thrive amidst change.

 Karma Release Workshops: 2 Saturdays 

Learn the Karma Release Technique on how to clear negative spiritual patterns and karma easily.

May 18th, 2024 (Past Lives & Current Trauma)

May 25th, 2024 (Ancestral Trauma)

7AM to 3PM PST


Clairvoyant Weekly Courses 

June 1 – July 27, 2024 

(no class on June 29th)

   9AM to 12:00-1PM PST

Every Saturday.

What Others Are Saying

I now have the confidence to read others!

Ariena Kanashima

Human Resources Executive

Using the tools in this class I can clearly see, listen, feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt.

Leona Rustin

Retired Pastry Chef

It has been an incredible journey working with Merit for the last few years. If you had told one year ago that my whole reality would change and that I would get to live a life beyond my dreams! The old me had no idea it was even possible to live such an abundant life! My spirit has become much stronger and my clairvoyant skills have grown tremendously. I have no words to express my gratitude to Merit.

Christelle Reigner

Yoga Studio Owner

Merit helped me realize with her psychic course that my angels, spirit guides and source have been talking to me my whole life. Her grounding technique helped me remove all energy in my space that wasn’t mine allowing me to know what was me and what wasn’t. Now I can tap into others energy and commune with their higher aspects to give them guidance to reach their highest and best self/ timeline. This information is priceless as we enter further into the 5th Dimension. 

Brian D’Innocenti

Spiritual Healer

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