Using Astrology And

Intuition To Help Guide Us

Written By The Modern Mystic & Merit Mayati

Using Astrology And Intuition To Help Guide Us

The best astrologers around are intuitive astrologers. The abilities to read the charts and download what those alignments represent is an art form. 

The term Intuition is used to refer to the ability to perceive things that are hidden to ordinary senses through means of extra-sensory perception. While the term astrology is defined as the study of the relationships between people and events on earth, and the cycles, movements of the planets and how they influence the lives of peoples. Intuition and astrology can help people to make decisions about love or career, and can steadily point people in the right direction on their life’s path.

Astrology is like the weather forecast. We can see what energies are coming up for us. It can also explain the past. I’ve gotten so much healing from astrology readings. There is a good app called “Time Passage”.  I highly recommend “Time Passage” if you want to see your chart and the planets that are lining for the rest of the year and beyond. You type in your birthdate, and they give you a general write up of your planets, signs and the alignments. Then you can apply your own intuition to pick up the subtle energies to make sense of the flow in your life. There is an element of free-will. It is fun to see how we are exercising our free-will while adjusting to the weather forecast. 

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