HeartCanvas Healing Approach Workshop

Realize Your Best Self


Ready to shed the weight of emotional baggage and embrace a life of clarity and abundance?

Join us for a transformative workshop experience! 

Workshop Details:

Date & Time: May 15th, Wednesday from 9AM to 3:30PM (90 Min Lunch Break)

Location: Zoom

Contribution: $150

Who: Open to anyone who understands how to do the Goran Technique, 7 Steps on their own.   



🌟 Embark on Your Healing Journey: Connect with Your Subconscious and Achieve Breakthroughs 🌟

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the grips of emotional trauma and unlock the gateway to profound breakthroughs? Join us for an immersive healing experience designed to help you connect with your subconscious and ignite transformative change!

During our workshop, we’ll embark on a journey deep into the recesses of our emotions using the innovative HeartCanvas Healing Approach. This unique exercise incorporates the therapeutic power of drawing, allowing us to explore and clear emotional blockages while tapping into the wisdom of our subconscious mind. Through this process, you’ll unearth buried emotions, release past traumas, and pave the way for profound healing and growth.

But that’s not all – I’ll also guide you through the integration of The Goran Technique with the HeartCanvas Healing Approach, amplifying the potency of our healing journey. 

Go Deeper With Your Feelings: The More You Can Feel The More You Can Clear

Are you ready to clear even deeper unconscious patterns? Dive deep into your emotions and thoughts with our transformative HeartCanvas healing approach workshop.

What to Expect:

  • Two Rounds of Clearings: Experience the profound release as we guide you through two rounds of clearings, allowing you to shed old burdens and embrace a renewed sense of self.
  • Connect with Your Body: Our approach helps you reconnect with your body in a profound way, creating space for healing and restoration.
  • Seal Wounds with the 7 Steps: Learn a structured and practical method to address past hurts and traumas, empowering you to move forward with confidence and resilience.
  • Emotional and Cognitive Healing: We approach healing from both emotional and cognitive angles, providing a comprehensive approach to personal growth and transformation.

Join the HeartCanvas Workshop:

      • Proven Success: Our workshops have been conducted live with great success, empowering participants to break free from emotional blockages and embrace positive change.
      • Accessible Online Format: Join us from the comfort of your own home with our convenient online workshop format. No matter where you are, you can embark on this transformative journey.
  • I want to share with you the story behind the creation of the HeartCanvas Healing Approach. It all started with my own journey of self-discovery and healing. I’ll be honest—it wasn’t easy. I struggled to put my feelings into words and often found myself wanting to avoid facing certain emotions. I found it challenging to 7 Step myself!  That’s when I realized there had to be a better way—a safe space where I could explore my emotions with precision while feeling supported every step of the way.Enter the HeartCanvas Approach! It became my personal sanctuary—a gentle guide that helped me confront my feelings with clarity and confidence. And now, I’m excited to share this journey with you!

About the instructor:

Rev. Knighted Merit Solarah Aureong is a distinguished graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and a certified instructor with Arnoux Goran Seminars. With a professional and intuitive approach, Merit is highly regarded by clients in both corporate and entertainment fields for over 15 years.Devoting thousands of hours to her loving vocation, Merit has been a catalyst for transformation, opening the eyes of her clients to their spiritual abilities. As a seasoned spiritual life coach, she possesses an extraordinary talent for identifying beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages hindering the path to one’s desires.

Beyond her spiritual coaching, Merit has delved into the realm of health for over 15 years. For seven years, she successfully researched and managed the supplement store for Arnoux Goran Seminars. Additionally, she brings expertise as a nutrition and detoxification coach and holds certification as a Maha Yoga Instructor.

In every facet of her work, Rev. Knighted Merit Solarah Aureong seamlessly combines her spiritual insights, coaching prowess, and extensive knowledge in mental, emotional, physical health, offering a holistic approach to transformation and well-being.


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