Merit Solarah Aureong


Merit Solarah Aureong is a teacher and an intuitive therapist with an amazing ability to identify the beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages that stand between you and your desires.

With advanced training in consciousness work, she can find the root cause of the issues programmed in the unconscious mind, or negative emotions embedded in the physical body. Her clients say she has a gift for making the unconscious, conscious.

Born to a Chinese-American father and a Japanese-American mother, and raised in the culturally diverse city of San Francisco, Merit was surrounded by drug use, gang violence, and images of death from an early age. The schools she attended were said to be the toughest in the Bay Area and she describes it as being in a war zone. Sadly, those early traumatic experiences led to her developing a dark, gloomy, helpless outlook on life.

At home the pain of parental emotional neglect and disapproval left her feeling lonely and despondent. From the age of nine she fought a continuing battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. As a young adult she tried every kind of clinical therapy available, but none brought her any relief from suicidal thinking, and entering her 30s she was ready to take her own life.

That’s when she was introduced to The Goran Techniques*. Merit was able to apply these ground-breaking protocols to permanently remove the unconscious thoughts and painful emotions that had held her captive to suicidal thinking for most of her life.

Merit has been a certified Master Trainer of the Goran Techniques since 2018 and uses the methods to clear away the blocks that prevent her students from using their intuitive and psychic talents, while also removing the pain and trauma that holds a person in a helpless state.

A graduate of the renowned Berkeley Psychic Institute, she brings the knowledge of spiritual modalities to her work and is recognized as a reliable Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive to her clients in entertainment and professional sports.

Merit has carved out a niche working with people who are dealing with the mental and emotional issues from growing up with narcissistic parents and authority figures, people who are wrestling with thoughts of suicide, and especially, people that other therapists can’t help.

An intuitive healer, with personal knowledge of life’s pain, Merit will provide a safe place for you to heal, become whole, and guide you to become the best intuitive you can possibly be!

* The Goran Technique is currently being studied by The University of California Irvine to determine if it can be used to increase mental health wellbeing among its student population.

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