Rapid Emotional Release Methodology

Creates Rapid Results for Clients, Realize Your Best Self and More Income for Your Business


“Be thankful for your triggers… they point to you where you are not free. By working on our upsets, our blockages, and unconscious patterns we can start being our core authentic selves.”

– Mayati

Safely Develop Your Intuition

You’ll learn step by step how to erase your fears, how to ground and energetically clean your environment, and how to unmatch from energies so you don’t take it on.

Permanent Emotional, Mental & Karma Clearing Technique

Unique tools only taught by Arnoux Goran Seminar instructors. Goran Technique 1 is used for erasing negative trapped emotions. This tool is used to clear unconscious mental and emotional blockages. Goran Technique 2 is used to clear past life karma, ancestral trauma and trauma from this lifetime.

Learn To Read Unconscious Blockages

We focus on getting to the root of the problem. Whether the issue is from past lives, ancestors and from this lifetime, we look at the layers in why someone’s live is the way it is now. The training here is used to focus on helping the client or for yourself to live out their true authentic lives.
“I am now more honest with myself. My level of self-love has been kicked up a notch and I do things now for my highest & best, not to please others. I am not as critical of myself and therefore am much less judgemental towards others as well…which is a blessing to all! I no longer entertain the thought that I am helpless because I have had the experience that I am very powerful. Using the tools in this class I can clearly see, listen, feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt.”


Why Choose Us?

What makes The School For Intuitive Ascension stand out from other approaches to developing clairvoyance?

The most significant difference is the emphasis we place on removing the filters, programming, negative patterns and emotions from our students, to enable them to see their spirit and the spirit of others clearly. When a psychic is not neutral to a topic because they have a previous emotional wounding or trauma in that area, that psychic will not be able to get an accurate reading of that topic for others.

For example, a psychic who was hurt by a partner cheating and hasn’t healed from it, will have a challenging time when they read someone who is cheating on their partner, and will not be able to accurately assess the situation. They will likely project their own pain/experience onto the person they are reading. Or a person who has pain and self judgment about being overweight, will carry those feelings into the session when they read an overweight client. The psychic will have an internal filter, a preconceived belief about an overweight person, and will color the reading through that internal filter.

With the deepest levels of clearing our students experience, and the permanent removal of their internal blocks and filters, these types of handicaps to reading from truth are gone. A person who sits before our trained psychics can be confident that the reading will not be tainted by any issues or internal conflicts of the reader. Instead, they will experience complete acceptance, and receive a reading guided by an unrestrained connection with spirit. The reading will come from an expanded, clearer place!

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

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Find the appropriate course for you

Apply the training and become a psychic

What’s Included?

This program will give you certainty in your intuitive abilities.

You’ll never have to wonder if your are making something up in your mind, because YOU’LL KNOW you are clearly reading the energy. You will be trained to see and recognize the patterns and programming people have in their unconscious mind… and you’ll practice by removing any that you might have!

How to create a energetic protective shield


How to tell a lie from the truth


How to read energy


How to communicate without taking on the other person's energy


How to instantly get to neutrality


How to access the midbrain


Coaching using the Goran Technique 2 to erase past life traumas, ancestral patterns and current life traumas.


How to combine being a psychic and life coaching


How to remove entities permanently


How to read past lives


Coaching using the Goran Technique 1 to erase subconscious blocks


How to ground yourself and your surroundings


Permanent transformation with processing negative emotions

Meet the Founder

Rev. Knighted Merit Solarah Aureong 

Rev. Knighted Merit Solarah Aureong, is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, an Arnoux Goran Seminars certified instructor. Merit is esteemed as a reliable, professional, intuitive by her clients in the corporate, and entertainment fields.


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